Let's Be Best Friends

Let's Be Best Friends

Hi there. I'm Simon Korzun, and I live in Brooklyn. I like really long bike rides, good music, great books, and maps. I was born and raised in Vermont, where maple syrup still comes from trees and handcrafted isn't a luxury; it's our way of life.

When I'm not on my bike or here writing, you can find me at Context. We're building a powerful drop-in experimentation platform for teams working with Segment and React.

I invite you to fork me on GitHub or GitLab. Rebound my nonexistent design work on Dribbble. Take a peek at what I'm reading on Goodreads. Ride with me on Strava. Check out my Kickstarter obsession. Shout into my echo-chamber on Twitter. Game with me on Xbox and PlayStation. And finally, explore my pre-COVID adventures on Instagram.

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